Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Decided that I'd be a good girl today and come to the new library and try to overcome my resurfacing writers block.  If there is one important thing that I have learned about studying, I would really have to say that for me, I need to be in a supportive environment AND, be around others who are in the same boat.  Being around others who are reading, writing,  typing  while zoomed and honed in on their books and computers can be very encouraging for me. It is very hard for me to find a place that I can focus and work and produce something to show for it.
I have tried every coffee shop in town and only found two that worked for me.  And you would think that in Santa Cruz, for God's sake, being one of the Coffee Drinking Capitals of the world I would have more success. Unfortunately one of those is gone and the one that folded was the one I used to pump out the most writing ever!  College  libraries are super helpful, as long as I am not sleepy.  They are quiet, usually clean and if I am disciplined enough, will try to get my big fat butt in there.  This new Tanimura and Antle Family Memorial Library at CSUMB is pretty cool!   Walking in for the first time I immediately noticed the Peet's Coffee. Ya! Throughout the library there are  nice Ikea looking tables and variety of chairs filled with a variety of studiers.  The reference desk was freindly and the computerized catalog was a cinch.  I found a book for a class quick, and somehow found it with out even looking at a map of the library.  I think I have a weird sense about finding things?  I noticed that they even have loaner lap tops here.  Can you even imagine?
I remember having to go to a computer lab and look for an available unit, then grapple with the seats etc.  Now, one could check out a lap top, find a seat and area in this giant library that meets their fancy.  
I am hoping that I will use this new library and beable to pump out some work.  
More later

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  1. i think i may take your recommendation and try getting to the library myself. it's been difficult for me to get the time i need to spend on my computer to get the stuff done i need to. and everything takes twice as long because im so computer illiterate. This class seems to have many who already know a lot about technology. i find myself getting frustrated. for goodness sakes i just learned how to add a text box into my word doc.!!!!