Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thought today I would write about my current reflections on  using the computer and internet. From my previous entry, I had wrote about learning to type (which is a godsend) on a manual typewriter then progressing to today's computers.  

I have noticed something new about myself, that I used to always write all my notes or papers by hand, then type them out as if I was my own secretary.  Now I think that I have evolved into doing less writing by hand and just going straight to typing on the computer.  This seems to save a lot of time? 

 I also feel that  I am enjoying the computer more as I am finding that I can communicate with far away family and friends by using my NEW!!!!  Facebook and looking at my realatives blogspots.  I can view pictures of their children, animals, friends and travels.  It is simply amazing.  I also have signed up for:  Twitter, Flicker, Yahoo (required for Flicker) and "this Blogspot", required by Mae638.  I am excited about putting all my accumulation of pictures onto flicker so my friends, who sometimes ask me for a copy, can pick and choose and print out the ones they want for themselves.  I have a huge archive of very interesting and cultural pictures to upload or scan. Forgot to mention that I had bought a digital camera a couple of years ago. This project may have to wait as I am sure it will be time consuming, but I hope to try to up load a few before this class is over as Dr. Meiers could give me some tips.

I also have been reflecting about how others around me are accessing the internet like wildfire.
My retired friends are creating very elaborate facebook walls (I think thats what they are called?) and getting REALLY into it. 
They have gone to the extent to take old 8mm black and white movies, then tranfer them onto CD-roms then upload them on the computer.  They also sell stuff on-line.  Other friends have created You Tube videos and yet more friends are calling me up to tell me to check out what they have been watching on You Tube. And I vice-versa.  I laughed so hard at "The Farting Preacher- Releasing the Faith" a friend had asked me to watch (No disrespect to those who do believe in the tele evangelists)
I could be wrong, but, this could be the right area to use twitter.  NONE of my friends have twitter but I could see them using it to let each other know of their favorite current events or videos, pics that they are wanting to share???
I found a new website that I love because  a friend called me by phone to tell me about it.
Another recent discovery is HULU a website where you can watch tv shows or cartoons.
It is amazing!

Not to sound like Debbie Downer, I'm sure there is a trade-off to all this and although I am having fun, I am not completely sold.   An example:  I love Pacific Rim Film Festival, a once a year International film festival where you can watch movies for FREE.  Like traveling  without getting in an airplane.  This was the first year I didn't really go.  I only saw 3/4 of one movie.
Part of the reason I didn't go was that i knew that I could rent these later on  so I stayed home to try to do homework.  (want to elaborate on this thought for my next blog about the physical disconnection that technology is creating AND what are the environmental tradeoffs?)


  1. Hi Andrea,
    Your post this week was quite interesting to say the least. I can see that your attitude towards technology has changed quite a bit. I'm glad that you have given yourself the opportunity to grow in knowledge in regards to technology. I understand that it is continually changing however, if we want to understand technology we must adapt to all of it's changes. I strongly feel that if technology is used efficiently we can open many avenues of wisdom. It's great to hear that your friends are eager to learn all the new perks technology has to offer. Andrea, be patient with technology and you will see all the wonderful things it has to offer I feel happy that I can grow in my knowledge since, I know it is a needed resource in today's society!

  2. I agree that computers are a gateway to greater communication. I only live an hour away from my family but with my schedule I am too busy to visit frequently. I am able to email my mom to keep her up to date on things as well as send pictures to show her how the granddogs are doing. It is less personal, but I feel that some communication is better than none.